Simple and easy to use planner for feeding your pets a natural, home-made diet

With our planner, creating feeding plans for your pets has never been so easy! Leave behind the complex spreadsheets and scribbled notes and welcome to simplicity

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Convenient meal composer

Most common products that are used in raw-based dog feeding are mouse click away. The product database is constantly growing. Create meals for different pets, and plan their feeding ahead

BARF/Prey model support

Every product contains information about its BARF/Prey category. Even for multi-category products like, for instance, chicken wings that contains meat and bones in proportion

Shopping list and feeding plan as a bonus

Compose meals, plan feeding for a week or two. Print shopping lists for each pet or a combined one. Print it out and stick on the fridge; its that easy!

I used to drown in tables and calculations to create balanced meals with natural products for my three lovely pets. Now, it takes me only a few mouse-clicks and I can create much more diverse feeding plans

Daenerys Targaryen

Raw-feeding enthusiast
I’m so happy I found this web site. I’ve tried using many different tools and apps. But this one is soooo much more convenient.

John Doe

Scooby-Doo owner

Still not enough?

Just look at all these features listed below

  • Feeding planner

  • Meal calculator that checks food against the BARF feeding model in real-time

  • Daily food weight estimation by pet age

  • Calculations and planning for several pets

  • You can use products from our database or create your own

That easy?

Yes, it is. Just click the Launch button to get started


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Is it possible to adjust the preset BARF proportions?

Yes, you may enter them manually

How can I find out how much food my pet needs daily?

We can calculate estimates based on the age of your pet, then you may change them observing your pet’s condition and appetite